Food choices: what does your whole body have to say?

Food choices: what does your whole body have to say?

Food choices: what does your whole body have to say?

You can enjoy food purely for the way it looks, smells, tastes or its texture in your mouth, but what effect is it having throughout the rest of your body?

Does it taste good on the tongue but then make you feel racy, grumpy, sluggish or numb?

What is driving your food choices and if they are driven by a need for reward, stimulation or dulling, then what is going on behind that impulse?

Is there something in your life that you are seeking distraction from?

And if so, does this distraction truly help or does it merely bury an issue deeper that will then have to resurface again later to be truly addressed and resolved...

In this audio snippet, Serge Benhayon talks about chocolate, all that goes on in our body and mind after eating it, and what can bring us to crave certain foods…

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Choices about food

What is really going on in our body when we eat chocolate?

We can often seek food or drink to pick us up when we’re feeling tired or exhausted, but does that really work, and what happens after the high has worn off?

There is much more going on than meets the eye (or the mouth) when we choose what we want to eat, so rather than making it about a moment of seeming reward or relief, consider the impact on the hours, days and weeks that follow and how that food will ultimately impact your whole body and being.

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