‘Divinity Is Birthed’ by Victoria Warburton - album review

‘Divinity Is Birthed’ by Victoria Warburton - Album Review

‘Divinity Is Birthed’ by Victoria Warburton - album review

Divinity is birthed. If you were ever in doubt about our divine origins, if you ever felt lost, caught up in the chaos of the world, or struck by a hurt, then these ten tracks will serve as your guiding light, an unmistakeable truth, and a most glorious homecoming.

From the opening of the first track Home, you are lovingly held with every caress of the piano keys. Victoria’s voice like the purest silk, lets you feel it is possible to live without harm. She sings in a way that honours the absolute delicateness that each and every one of us was when we were born into this life, and in truth we remain to be. Rest Deeply Dear Angel with its reassuring piano and rich, warm bass notes, cradles you in the arms of God. As per the truest of lullabies, this song could bring even the most undue motion to a point of rest.

A reminder of the effortless joy of being in service, We Are Your Instrument feels like the light that holds your hand and gently leads you home. Through lyrics that encompass universal wisdom, equalise and confirm divinity with every word, Victoria transparently lays bare the beauty of true devotion to Heaven’s light. ‘We are Your instrument, Your hand on Earth.’

Moving into minor tones, the call from the track Eternal City of Light seems to echo through every corner of the globe and although the lyrics are undoubtedly beautiful, the vibration communicated through Victoria’s voice is the real treasure here. Like a river of the richest gold, you float downstream, completely along for the ride. How could you fight a current so exquisite? The steady yet always delicate flutes ignite senses of our ancient pasts, reminding us of our lives lived in the depths of truth.

With a soaring voice deep in the blackness of space, Heaven Beneath My Feet seems to call every one of our past lives to responsibility, our true way of being. The regal horns accept nothing less than divinity. Victoria’s voice resounds and ripples through the room, setting the standard for what is to be nothing but divine whilst the deliberateness of the piano resonates with the assured steps of divinity.

Then, lifted along dancing musical lines, Victoria’s voice and the piano dance the most beautiful steps through the heavens, where there is truly No Separation.

The InBreath and The OutBreath… you breathe with God. At one-ment with the universe, deep in the expanse of stars, the definition of otherworldly and like quenching the thirst of the deepest part of your being, a reconnection to our origins which leaves you in no doubt of our unmistakeable truth in the divine.

This divine collaboration, music by Victoria Warburton, mixing and mastering by the ever-beholding love of Chris James, is a seamless reflection of the harmony we belong to in true brotherhood. Every track is a vibrational symphony, with such richness and beauty that leaves you nourished in a way that can only come from the heavens. A testament to lives lived in the purity from which the songs are sung and a rejoicing, forever rejoicing in the birth of Divinity.

"Divinity is birthed onto this plane of life, in our every movement and expression that is from the One Soul"

Victoria Warburton

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  • By Sophie Noel-Johnson