Scientific Laws. Where do they come from?

Scientific Laws. Where do they come from?

Scientific Laws. Where do they come from?

Scientists spend a lot of time trying to invent things. But why and for what reason? And with what laws?

Much attention is given to people who ‘come up with laws’ that explain how things work. The most famous being Einstein’s very simple E=mc2, explaining that everything is energy.

A lot of work and effort goes into scientific research to develop formulas that explain things and then people take the credit for these formulas, which are known as ‘laws’.

But do people own these laws, and are they only real and true once a person has been able to write them down in the language of mathematics?

Is science thus the regurgitation only of learned formulas that people ‘own’ in this thing called ‘Science’?

Or is science really in fact the way things work in the world around us? And we are only scratching at the surface to attempt to understand the great science that we are part of?

As we study science we consider and think that there are laws that help us to understand how things work. But are these laws something that people invent, or are they already in existence? After all, the world around us is already operating according to an absolute precision. If the world were not operating according to absolute precision, there would be chaos everywhere; we would not have the consistent form that we do, animals would not look the way that they do. In short, things would be a soup of the fundamental building blocks that we are made of, atoms, with no form and no purpose and no reason to interact.

On the other hand, if we look at the world around us we can see that everything is extremely precise. Even the laws that we know are very precise. Laws of Thermodynamics, Laws of Energy, Laws of Chemistry, Laws of Motion, Laws of Gravity. If we had no precision in life, there would be no precision or delineation of the species and nature. We would have a random soup of the elements that all life is made from.

But we do not.

These laws are in existence all around us.

In fact, they are already there BEFORE we understand them and are able to write them down with great precision on a piece of paper, or a chalkboard in ye olden days...

We think that we own these scientific laws because ‘we’ have quantified them, but these laws are already there, and not only are they already there, the world and the universe is already operating according to these laws, without reading any type of law or rule book or attending any school.

How is this so?

In our human world, laws are passed because harm is being done and in order to stop harm laws are passed providing consequences. People often don’t live in a way that abides according to laws until it is written down and they are told that they have to, or else!

But in the world of nature and the Universe, which we seek to understand through the world of science, these laws are already in existence and already life is living in accordance to these laws, without reading any textbooks, without consulting any judge or any lawyer.

How is this so when we need to study to know the rules and legislation of the way that things work, and rebel against them anyway if we can...?

How is it that a baby knows how to form from an egg and a sperm and with such precision and order? And specifically, how does a baby know to form into a human from human egg and sperm and not an ape? How does food know exactly where to go and where to be transported in our bodies? How do the tiniest amounts of hormones know EXACTLY which receptor to go to in an organ on the other side of the body? These are still great mysteries to us but happen on a daily basis, moment to moment, with great precision.

There are unwritten and unspoken laws about the processes of our bodies that we are yet to understand but without our conscious awareness, these laws are being followed to the TEE.

What consciousness is ordering these processes? How does a molecule know what law to follow? A molecule does not have a brain, so how does it ‘know’.

Is there a consciousness or an intelligence that is ordering movement? If so, it is certainly not ‘our’ consciousness given that we are not even aware of these processes that are happening in our body.

All of this certainly leads us to question:

  • Where do these laws come from

  • Why are they there

  • Who or what made these laws in the first place?

The utter precision in which life exists cannot be denied once one starts to examine the science of life in great detail without accepting things as ‘just so’. There is a precision and an order there that far exceeds our ability to comprehend it at present.

Given that even our bodies are aligned with and abide by laws which are not written and we are not aware of surely it would seem as though there is some higher ordering consciousness, a higher ordering intelligence in which not only is all life held, but ordered also?

Scientific laws that are ‘discovered’ are not owned by men or women, and are not created by men or women but rather that which is already there ordering things becomes revealed and understood, but was already in existence. Scientific laws are not human, they are beyond us, and we are part of them. These laws are Universal, they are Divine.

One cannot be a true scientist unless first one comprehends the wonder of life, the grandness of it all and understands that we are but a small part of the whole that is ordered by a higher intelligence, which some call God, and others the Universe.

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