There is no such thing as a ‘probability’ in actual science

There is no such thing as a ‘probability’ in actual science

There is no such thing as a ‘probability’ in actual science

Statistically we are used to considering things in terms of ‘probabilities’. We want to know the ‘probability’ of a person getting a disease, or having a car accident or having a side effect to a particular treatment.

But nothing we do can predict with accuracy what will actually happen to the person sitting in front of us.

We can look at the Universe and we can consider what the ‘probability’ might be of a particular star exploding or of a meteor hitting the Earth.

But what meaning and relevance do these humanly calculated ‘probabilities’ have to our actual lives?

None of these probabilities actually tell us what will happen, they can only tell us that we are less likely to be harmed by something than cured by it, but do not tell us exactly what is happening or will happen.

This is not precise.

If we look at the Universe, the Universe operates according to absolute precision. There is a precise interaction and flow with absolutely everything.

In fact, the Universe does not operate according to probabilities; it operates with exactness.

Probabilities are not in fact a real thing. They are only something that we human beings invent in order to help us to understand the world.

Are not probabilities then 2-dimensional tools to assist us to understand a multidimensional world? And if that is the case, are probabilities really helping us to understand the world, or are we seeking to understand the Universe through a 2-dimensional lens, which means that we are missing much?

I would say, yes.

It is not possible to understand completely a multidimensional world with a 2- dimensional lens any more than it is possible to see the whole world through a pinhole.

Probabilities are a tool invented by us to assist in the calculation of possible events, to give to us a sense of control, but are not in truth how the Universe, including this world, operates.

We call ‘probabilities’ ‘science’ but they are not in fact part of true science but what man calls ‘science’.

True science is the way things already operate. It is the laws that are already in existence, and true science is to reveal and understand those laws, not to have a best guess scenario which is what a probability is. That is gambling.

Is that science?!

If we look at the world around us, we can see that the animal kingdom does not operate according to probabilities. They do not sit down and calculate probabilities in animal conferences with animal calculators. They do not make decisions based on ‘probabilities’. They are in connection with the whole and acting in accordance with the whole. For them their decisions are decisions that are felt and acted on without calculation.

We would all admire and be captivated by the beautiful flight of the butterfly, which is astoundingly precise in its movements and not at all linear. The flight of the butterfly is not based on probabilities but each movement is rather precise in accordance with what is needed at that time.

Butterflies, animals, birds and nature do not operate on the basis of probabilities, they just are.

Nothing in the Universe operates on the basis of probabilities or makes decisions on the basis of probabilities, and it all operates with absolute beauty and precision which one can only call Divine.

So why do we, as part of the Universe, place such emphasis on these sorts of probability calculations to guide us when we can see that nothing else around us works according to probabilities?

I put it to you that ‘Probabilities’ are simply a 2-dimensional tool that we as people employ as observers of a multidimensional world to help us feel that we have some sense of control over it all, which we do not.

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  • Photography: Susannah Williams