Enjoying all that Mother’s Day can offer

Women, as natural Mothers, celebrating Mother’s Day every day!!

Enjoying all that Mother’s Day can offer

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world as a time to show appreciation and ‘spoil’ mothers for their role, past or present, in child caring, rearing and home life in general.

A quick internet search demonstrates that commercially, this day of celebrating motherhood is annually worth a couple of billion dollars[i] to the Australian economy alone, with florists and restaurants enjoying the financial spinoff.

But what are some of the less tangible but nonetheless significant benefits when it comes to enjoying all that Mother’s Day can offer?

We are born naturally knowing love – look into the eyes of a newborn and we can see it’s not a mystery to them. As they adjust to the outside world, they are ready and open to a relationship with those around them. It’s only as we go through life that most of us lose track of what true love means and feels like, together with the baby-like ease with which it can exist within us. Over time the genuine meaning of love morphs into an emotion-laden ideal which people seek in relationships and through other means such as alcohol and drugs, sport, music, charitable deeds and work for example. It doesn’t provide true intimacy, but it does deliver a brand of pseudo-love that offers relief and comfort. But what has this all got to do with Mother’s Day and valuing mothers?

"To return to the essence of your whole body, as all children naturally are, and not just the governance from your mind, is in itself an enrichment that is well worth taking, whatever steps are required to do so."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 550

Initially, if we could just consider for a moment that the concept of a ‘mother’ can be very broad and not just a biological definition, as there are so many ways that women everywhere fulfil a mothering role to others. In reality this makes all women ‘mothers’, regardless of age and other demographics. In fact, women formally and informally caring for and nurturing others, i.e. mothering, helps create and sustain the fabric of societies around the world.

However, what can happen along the way is that in the busy-ness created through women’s devotion to their mothering role, there is no space for them to stop and simply enjoy breathing their own breath, taking a moment for themselves and catching a glimpse of their inner-essence – there since birth, and trampled (but not destroyed) by juggling the demands and pulls of life’s path.

To feel with simple gratitude the abundance and joy of who we are as women firstly and secondly as mothers, is a forgotten art.

For women, experiencing the depth and quality of their natural being and rhythms can be revealing, sometimes not in a comfortable way, but is guaranteed to be full of precious gems if the explorer is open to receiving them.

The solid example of just one woman in her grace, namely Audrey Hepburn, inspires other women to reclaim the true meaning of womanhood and mothering. If we women need further inspiration, we need look no further than the way a baby knows that they are full of love and doesn’t feel the need to hide it, dismiss it, earn it or measure itself against any other baby. We all still carry this love inside ourselves and it’s there waiting for us to let it flow through every precious part of us.

“Forget ‘happy’, there is no joy greater than the one that lives inside you. Let it out and you will feel the immutable truth of these words.”

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 596

Even small gestures toward exploring this inner quality can make a big difference, and who knows what the ripple effect might be. Perhaps when the next Mother’s Day comes around it will be a simple confirmation of self-love and a tribute to the expression of mothering as women (mothers or not) return to living first from the warmth of their womanly essence and bringing this to life every day.

"The more you choose to breathe your own breath, the more you will know your essence."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 246

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