How has Esoteric Yoga helped in your daily life?

How has Esoteric Yoga helped in your daily life?

This short video expands on how Sue moved away from living in her head all the time – with its constant thinking and mental chitchat – to learning how to live in and be in her body, which she hadn’t realised she wasn’t even fully inhabiting!

Esoteric Yoga is such a practical tool to learn how to live and be in everyday life. The simplicity of the movements and the stillness felt in the body during an Esoteric Yoga session can be taken out into life, reflecting that quality to others we meet during the day.

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  • By Sue Queenborough, SRN HV Cert, Esoteric Therapies Practitioner Company Director, volunteer.

    As a former nurse and health visitor, Sue brings a natural love and care for people as a complementary health practitioner and volunteer work. She loves to walk and spend time in her garden growing flowers and vegetables.