How do we know everything is energy?

How did modern science understand that everything is energy?

How do we know everything is energy?

"Everything is energy".

Really? Well yes, there's lots of energy around – obviously movement is energy, sound (like our voices and music) is energy, and light and heat are energy . . . perhaps we can feel that thought is energy . . .

Even when sitting still our bodies and everything inside them is in motion, from organs right down to the sub-atomic particles in our cells. Everything in our bodies vibrates, producing sound, and we constantly emit it even though most of it’s too tiny to hear. Our bodies also receive and respond to sound and all other vibrations of energy. The same can be said of light; though we don’t generally see the photons of light coming out of our tissues, they can be measured with instruments. And we don’t generally think about the light all around us going into our bodies and having effects from our psychology down to the communication of our particles.

Thus energy is obviously a bigger factor in our lives than we usually think about – it flows through, is contained in, produced by and responded to by everything. But what about the actual matter in our solid material bodies and our solid material world?

Modern science now tells us that matter is merely compressed energy, which has been known for aeons by philosophers of the Ageless Wisdom. So how did modern science reach that understanding too? Well it really got established when Albert Einstein came up with his world-renowned equation, E = MC2.

We've made Einstein famous for this, but in truth a whole series of scientists built up to it throughout history, working on the relationship between energy, mass, momentum and speed. For example, in the mid 1700s, Emilie du Chatelet, a brilliant woman mathematician-physicist, studied Isaac Newton (considered to have been one of the greatest scientists in the world), then went beyond his profound work on forces and matter. She figured out and demonstrated practically that the energy (E) of a thing equals the mass (M) of the thing times its speed (ie velocity, V) squared, for anything that is moving. The equation to describe this is E = MV2. This was an awesome experimental proof of previous theories.

It was this foundation that prepared Einstein to make the quantum leap to the special case of light moving. Putting the speed of light into the equation opened up the relationship between matter and light energy, leading to the understanding that matter is a form of energy (light), and therefore everything is energy. You can convert matter back into pure energy, and you can make matter out of energy.

We've been using this understanding ever since in our day to day life, as in using radiation in bombs and medicine, in astronomy and physics research, and in much of our modern technology. However we could use this understanding for so much more!

The natural consequence of this equivalence of matter and energy is that everything is not just energy but is because of energy. It means our entire lives and world around us happens in energy before we see the material reality. It’s a big call for energetic responsibility. Because the type of energy implied in the equation is light, it also tells us that we are made of light.

This has profound implications for our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to all that surrounds us. We are light before we are matter. This is where the Ageless Wisdom expands greatly beyond the limits of current modern science. It is time for modern science to wake up to everything being energy and everything being because of energy!


People ask: If Emilie du Chatelet proved E = MV2, how come it is considered to be Einstein’s discovery?

Because she was a woman and it was considered improper in her day (1700s) for females to do science and mathematics, people would have under-emphasised her contribution. We remember Voltaire, Emilie du Chatelet’s lover, but not his partner whom he considered to be brilliant way beyond himself in mathematics and science. These days, people don’t hear about du Chatelet’s role in the history of this famous equation because the focus is on Einstein. In the 1900s, radio and television made events widely known to the world. Thus E = MC2 was emphasised globally not only due to its genius and wide ramifications, but also due to its applicability for technological and military purposes (not the case in du Chatelet’s day).

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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