A model based on lies

Everywhere we look within science and the formations of modern societal structures there can be found a model that has provided the basis and standard for how we look at the world and are instructed to move within it.

We grow up being told we need to obtain a degree from a university in order to ‘make it’ in the world, that it is normal for the model of business to be founded on competition and doing whatever it takes to crush other companies that may take our profits, and that this also translates into nature with the notion of Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’, where plants and animals supposedly are always looking to dominate others in some anthropomorphic fashion.

For the most part we go along with all these standard models of life that tend to dictate our actions from childhood without questioning them, as if they are written in stone somewhere and can thus never be challenged or even enquired about without attracting the ire of those that uphold them. I always found this to be an incredibly paradoxical dilemma within the vast fields of Science and Medicine, where one scientist would ‘discover’ something or develop a theory that was revolutionary at the time, and the rest of the world would (often after some or even a great deal of resistance) adopt it as law for decades (if not centuries) in a manner that ignored any new concept from being accepted, even if it made more sense and encompassed a deeper understanding of life and the Universe.

If fields such as Science and Medicine claim to be open to the deeper truths in the human body, nature and beyond, wouldn’t we expect them to welcome with open arms a more advanced perspective on the mechanics of the Universe, rather than defending to the end the ‘truths’ and ‘laws’ that have been established?

Is this out of a fear of losing the recognition, acceptance and research funding that had originally come to these scientists? Even the use of the word ‘law’ to describe a scientific principle is interesting to note, as that law can quite easily be later determined to not hold as much, if any validity once a new discovery is made.

Our current modern allopathic medicine model is based on ‘fixing’ people by relieving the symptoms of illness and disease (and they do an important and fantastic job at that) through various methods of surgery and the administering of pharmaceutical drugs. But is this system really working when the rates of these medical conditions continue to rise at a rate that exceeds the capability to handle it all, because in truth we are not actually healing the underlying ways of living and expressing that are in fact the root cause of these ailments?

How can we really advance as a humanity when we hold on with a death-grip to the many models of society just because it may seem that it is ‘just the way we’ve always done it’, despite the fact that these ways have not ever truly served us?

Even the perspective that says we are all separate beings living our own individual lives as if they can somehow be differentiated from the whole is an illusion when one considers how each and every action that we make, from the way we think, speak and move has an effect that eventually ripples out to impact the whole of humanity in a way that shows we are actually inseparable.

We may deny this, but we can observe it on a more micro scale with even the most mundane example of how quickly a rumour can be spread at our workplaces, even throughout large facilities. And we even use the phrase that the rumour spread ‘like wildfire’ when describing this phenomenon.

Even Albert Einstein initially rejected the model of Quantum Mechanics that today forms the bedrock of understanding how interconnected we all are in one unified field of electromagnetism. This rejection was largely because he objected to the probabilistic way in which Quantum Theory described where various particles are found within space; such as an electron behaving as both a wave and particle, and described as being within a ‘field’ rather than at an easily predictable location while orbiting an atom’s nucleus. He famously stated “I have never been able to believe that God would play dice with the world” while reacting to the principles laid forth by Quantum Theory that seemed more nebulous than he was comfortable with at the time.[1]

We can relate to how Einstein was not willing to consider that God’s movements are by chance, by the fact that we can observe so many things in Nature and the Universe that hold a consistently expressed order and constellation (such as the way DNA provides the molecular sequential code that initiates various metabolic processes within all plants and animals by translating this code into a message for proteins to build, develop and reproduce cells within the organism).

Another example of repeating patterns can be observed in the Fibonacci sequence where any given number is produced by the addition of the previous two, and when this progression is graphed it produces the same spiral shape found in both a Nautilus shell and whole galaxies, not to mention the ratios of branching in trees and even the coronary arteries of the human heart.

But is it possible that Einstein was originally reluctant to adopt the model of Quantum Mechanics because he did not consider that even the way quantum particles behave, are super-positioned and interact with each other as if they are all connected in space (a behaviour he described as “spooky action at a distance”), could all be within the magic of God’s beholding and divinely ordered embrace of the Universe? Because it is so easy for us to come up with a model of how things work or should be perceived, based on our own limited and limiting ideals and beliefs, without considering that there may be an even more grand and magnificent Plan that is at play and being unfolded by God’s love and intelligence.

It only seems natural to develop a model that can explain what we observe in Life or describe a process of moving within it, but if we latch onto some of these models as if they are written in stone and can never be challenged or expanded upon – as in the way Quantum Mechanics threw a ‘monkey wrench’ into Einstein’s already developed Theory of Relativity by going deeper into the workings of the Universe – we are guaranteed to remain ‘stuck in the mud’ when it comes to the evolution of Humanity.

All one has to do is look at the current state of affairs on Earth to see that virtually all the foundations and models that we have adopted as our established way of running things and understanding life do not and have not ever worked for us. We have just as much if not more war, corporate and governmental greed and corruption, illness and disease and a myriad of other social, economic, educational and environmental problems than we ever had on this planet.

Yet we continue to buy into this modus operandi as if it is somehow serving us, when in truth it is not based on true Science. For if it truly was, we would have applied the basic principles of the experimental method, testing the ‘hypothesis’ of any given model to observe objectively if what we felt to be true really worked to support and evolve us in a loving way, bringing a deeper understanding of life and development within it.

But when this process of true Science gets hijacked by the desires of individuality that fuel an insatiable thirst for recognition, acceptance and dominance, this disregard for others can blind us to what is truly being reflected back to us all in a way that could otherwise guide humanity out of the mess we are currently in. When these models of how we see, explain and run the systems of the world are not based on a Universal Truth that stands up to the test of being considerate and evolving for all of humanity, it is time to take a closer look and ask why we have continued using them in the first place.

What is it about our relationship with time and with life that we do not question models just because they have been utilized for so long? If someone were to use the drug heroin to numb themselves to the point of not feeling all their physical and emotional pains and hurts for 30 years, would we say that it is a valid model of how to deal with these challenges in life? Of course not. So why do we embrace a way of being that is based on a lie?

Perhaps the reason for this may lie (pun intended) in our need to delay anything that will reveal to us that life is not just about getting the things that we want out of it, as if we only have one chance to gain as much fun and pleasure out of the experience, but is instead about unifying us all under the premise and Truth that we are here on Earth to evolve … together. Because we are not merely human, here to live one life for ourselves, we are actually immortal beings that continue to reincarnate until such time that individuality over Oneness is a distant ‘model’ of the past, to forever be seen for the lie and fallacy that it truly was.

Can we accept the Grandness that is bestowed upon us by realizing we are Divine beings, all with our unique expressions of God to share with the world based on our connection to that magnificent source of Light that we can feel in our hearts is our birthright? It may sound like a stretch to acquiesce to such a concept, but the truth is that we are here on this planet to do just that; return to living in a way that is aligned to our Soul and thus to God.

And by doing so, it will naturally allow us to bring a true version of all the practical systems of society we require to live together lovingly and with real vitality while continuing to evolve in harmony with each other and the rest of the Universe.


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  • By Michael Goodhart, Licensed Aircraft Technician, BA- Psychology

    A lover of people and the ceaseless reflections of Divinity in Nature. I enjoy the philosophy of Universal Life whilst living in a way that constantly reminds me of our own true origins: the stars.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd