Yoga – the heart of union for our world

Yoga – the heart of union for our world

Yoga – the heart of union for our world

Yoga in its essence simply means union – union with our Soul, our equal essence and God. In this connection we know what love is, the depth of stillness, harmony and joy that can be lived.

Yet what we see in the separation from this connection and union (that is in fact our nature) is that we humans are capable of carrying out the most vile and horrific acts.

If we come from God and we all arrive into this world with equal divine particles, how is it even possible we can become so removed from our natural state that we are able to commit such atrocities.

How can we ever truly comfortably accept or be complacent when there is murder, rape, pornography and child sex trafficking, abuse, control and or manipulation in our world … and the list could go on and on?

How do we make sense of what is going on in our own backyards that may be too confronting for some to even want to go there, to want to see it at all?

And are we willing to even consider that in choosing to not see we are enabling the ill behaviours to continue?

When we look around, is not life screaming for us to do so? Not so we can create a ‘perfect’ world, which was never in the plan, rather that we can again awaken to the magnificence that we actually are and come from, and expose how we can be or have been played by this game of life.

It may be too unfathomable to imagine that if every being on the planet simply realised their inherent connection to oneness as a living way, this collective shift would stop fuelling these ill behaviours that have become so prevalent in our world today.

Yet this is not a utopian ideal…

It starts with us. Are there areas we can address in ourselves that keep us comfortably blind and numb – areas or aspects of disturbance we simply choose to not see? As a wise person said to me recently, the less Netflix and chocolate, the more evil exposed. Life can be a stream of distraction to avoid the sensitivity that allows us to feel and sense what is going on around us, and as we start to awaken so too does all begin to unfold. The more we are willing to see, the more is seen.

It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task or something to achieve and it is not a ‘fight against', it can simply begin in our own homes, starting with our own body and the connection we hold with it. It may sound too simplistic, though this is where the quality of our living way is nourished: a love-filled body is not capable of abuse toward oneself or others.

When the abuse in its many forms stops with us it no longer contributes to the collective bank of the same; a repository for any unruly spirit (separative aspect of the Soul) to access and act out.

Our bodies are vehicles of expression and the quality of our expression depends on the quality of energetic alignment we have sourced. Which repository do we access; the one that moves the all-encompassing Soul on earth, or the one that feeds the individualised spirit?

The awakening light in so many today is exposing more of the evil (simply meaning separation) that has never in truth been hidden but not willingly seen in full. Have you ever noticed the more you bring focus to seeing, the more there is to see and receive? It may appear that the world has gone mad at times, yet is it more that the veils are being lifted as our attention is drawn to the state of affairs in the world today… exposing what has always been there ‘hidden in plain sight’, more consciously there to be seen in full.

Is this not calling us all to a deeper response and call to true purpose in life?

To be prepared to see what is going on and bring awareness to the physical and energetic movements that support the quality of being we hold, there is an invitation to move in union with the depth of stillness, harmony and joy from within – which, by their very nature, no longer fuel the harmful cycle.

How does my body feel today? What are my movements contributing to?

The light of the soul lived exposes all that is not of its equal divine essence. That light is Our true essence.

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  • By Victoria Picone

    A forever student of life and the grand universe we are a part of. I am a woman who is dedicated to true health and wellbeing, from the inside out. I love the ever-unfolding nature of life, the people in it, and nature’s beauty… reflecting our own.

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