Esoteric Yoga – beyond a class

Stress, tension & exhaustion aren’t part of our working day with Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga – beyond a class

Esoteric Yoga has been described as a way of living that goes well beyond a class. The beauty of Esoteric Yoga is that it can be taken into everything, including our work.

We can all relate to work being a place where at times we might feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. It’s not uncommon to hear people making comments about how much they don’t want to be at work or that they can’t wait to go home, and even hear people say they can relax and enjoy themselves when they get home.

So why is it that we don’t see work as a place where we can feel at ease or settled? This kind of thinking can mean a large part of people’s lives are being wasted in being somewhere but wishing they were elsewhere.

This is where Esoteric Yoga steps in to remind us that we can enjoy each moment and we do this by staying more in touch with our body. That we don’t have to live in a state of stress, tension and exhaustion and that we can move in such a way that helps us feel more relaxed and settled wherever we are.

Instead of wishing we were elsewhere, we can tap into a way of being with our body that is not only practical but leaves us feeling present, connected with ourselves and others and brings an entirely different focus to whatever we are doing.

This short, 4 minute audio discusses the practicality and purpose of applying Esoteric Yoga during our day.

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Esoteric Yoga – beyond a class

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  • By Sarah Broome

  • By Vicky Geary, B.Bus (Accountancy), Dip.Yoga Teaching, Dip. Training & Assessment, Grad Dip. Childhood & Youth Studies

    Vicky has been working in private and public colleges in Australia for over 15 years and shares body awareness education with adults and young people. She combines learning and technology to make programs accessible and relatable to life.

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