How yoga supports the body in everyday life

How Esoteric Yoga supports body awareness and stillness

How yoga supports the body in everyday life

Do you seem to rush from one thing to another? Are you always thinking about something else whilst you do what you do?

“When I discovered Esoteric Yoga, I initially felt quite anxious about the lack of movement – feeling the need to ‘do’ something, I wanted to get on with whatever it was. What I came to realise though, is society had conditioned me to always be on the move.”

It is from the ‘doing’ that we so often find acceptance and acknowledgement from other people – tending to rely on this to give ourselves value or worth. Yet when we slow ourselves down, as you would do in an Esoteric Yoga session, we begin to feel the quality of stillness within us.

It is a familiarity with this inner stillness that builds throughout the session and throughout each week of an Esoteric Yoga program as we develop our body awareness and movement with conscious presence.

Gradually, as our awareness of movement and stillness grows within us, the quality of how we accomplish things throughout the day changes. We begin to value just being ourselves. We are less affected by what is going on around us, we slow down, yet amazingly achieve as much, if not more in our day. We feel more spacious and life reflects this ease back to us.

Esoteric Yoga, with its ever-developing relationship to stillness, is an invaluable complement to life. In this audio Sue shares with us how via body awareness she was able to stay in her body more and more to be present with herself – rather than the previous default of ‘doing life’ whilst simultaneously flying off into her head, thinking about things in the future or things past.

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How yoga supports the body in everyday life

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